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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thank You Allah For This Journey;)

hey, its been a year. confused where to start. the last post was in Sept 10, 2006. from the starting of a quarter-life-crisis period , until now (still not towards the ending).
many things happen, the good and the bad. its almost 2 years after the 16 Sept, 2005. she is still the person i really missed the most. i'm stronger, i guess. frens, update me where were all of ya rite now.

a talk from prof yahya (an american-muslim) last week, really gave a BIG impact on me. a long silent. a deep paused.

"Yes young lady, you wanna say something, or you have a questions,” he said.37907

“Yeah, curiosity is human nature." (its just an intro !its not my ques. YET)

"You have to search, to seek.”

“I love to. But what if I get lost?” (spontanouesly, hey, this is not my ques)

“Have faith in Allah. Have faith in Allah and in His love; have faith that if you ever get lose yourself, He will lead you back.” (but i got the answer) he smiled.

Nahh. He is right. He alredi gave me the answer. until now, i cant remember whats exactly i wanna ask him. but, he answer my ques. Allah the allmigthy!

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