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Saturday, October 20, 2012

the last entry before departing to malaysia

we are the last one. the last one to depart from lanzhou. all other colleagues from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philiphines, Thailand, Vietnam were departed very early in the morning, including Georger Mair (our best lecturer & facilitator ever) from Vienna, Austria. great hospitality from the host, valuable learning session & interactive discussion in the classroom & the laboratory. just perfect! sweet memory in Lanzhou. hope to meet all of them once again soon.

tak beli apa kecuali keychain yang sempat di grab kat Mother of Yellow River semalam petang.
serius, dan masih tak percaya sebab mmg tak beli apa2 lagi. sebab takda apa2 dan tak jumpa apa2 yang berkenan di hati. peluang terakhir hanya di Airport.

ok, nak packing dulu. sebab belum packing lagi. wohoo!
oh ya, travelling route masih lagi mencabar.
Lanzhou - Guangzhou - Singapore - Ipoh.
and the route will take us 16 hours to reach home.

saya rindu nescafe aisssssss
Mrs. Farizal
Room 902, Lanzhou Legend Hotel,
Tianshui South Road,
Lanzhou, Gansu, PR of China
20 October 2012, 10:05 am

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