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Friday, October 9, 2009

15 min to 1am

Now is 45m after 12am. I’m still, in front of my laptop. It’s all because a mug of nescafe. Just wake up from fever. Got MC for today. Missed the R&D meeting.

Before go to bed, let’s take a tour to for local celebrities gossips (now only i knew that minister, minister's wife, minister's son/daughter also count as CELEBRITIES in Malaysia, since their gossips are all over inside this page). Or, if you guys are not into controversial, let’s move to Nur Lisa actually introduces me to this Hanis Zalikha's blog. And now I already addicted to her blog. Its kewl. Really kewl.

Last but not least, my online shop ever (this web was introduced by Aisyah Zulkawi a.k.a Ecot) Thousands of online shops are now at your finger tips. Disclaimer, I am not related to Founder of WanitaMelayuDotCom or any other Plaza's owner inside. Just here to share something that makes your life easy where all your desired items will be delivered to your doorstep.


1 black sheep.. 2 black sheep.. 3 black sheep... 4 black sheep..

Ohh, i forgot. Today, 9 Oct 2009 is Siti Hazwani Nur's birthday. Cik Wani, happy birthday. Wish you best of luck ya. Long time no see. Miss u a lot. She is KMPP-mate, UKM-mate, Room-mate in UKM, Room-mate in Ipoh of mine, hehe. I am counting for mine.. yeah..!!


miss lisa said...

nama aku capital letters pada pengawal ayat tuer..haha.daniazahra takder ker? masa aku feature dia dalam blog aku haritu, siap hantar emel terima kasih dia..

Fatiha said...

yeke liss. wah. ok la entry lain kali aku masukkan daniazahra pulak. hehe


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